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SECD - Standing Committee

National Security, Defence and Veterans Affairs

Meeting Detail

Televised live on PTN
Monday, May 16, 2022
2:01 PM ET
Location: Room B45, Senate of Canada Building, with videoconference
Clerk: Ericka Dupont (343) 551-3452
The subject matter of elements contained in Divisions 19 and 20 of Part 5 of Bill C-19, Budget Implementation Act, 2022, No. 1
  • Doug Band, Director General, Trade and Anti-Dumping Program Directorate(Canada Border Services Agency)
  • Luc Bisson, Director General, Strategic Policy and Planning(Correctional Service of Canada)
  • Kim Campbell, Chair(Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters)
  • Emilie Coyle, Executive Director(Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies)
  • Catherine Latimer, Executive Director(John Howard Society of Canada)
  • Alex Lawton, Executive Director, Trade and Anti-Dumping Program Directorate(Canada Border Services Agency)
  • Candace Sider, Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs(Livingston International)
  • Chad Westmacott, Director General, Community Safety, Corrections and Criminal Justice, Crime Prevention Branch(Public Safety Canada)
Examine and report on issues relating to security and defence in the Arctic

Consideration of a draft budget

Meeting with interpretation and transcription
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