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SOCI - Standing Committee

Social Affairs, Science and Technology


Proceedings of the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology

First Session Thirty-sixth Parliament, 1997

Chairman: The Honourable LOWELL MURRAY, P.C.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Issue No. 3

First meeting on: The implementation and application of Chapter 1, An Act to amend the Divorce Act, the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act, the Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act and the Canada Shipping Act, and the associated Federal Child Support Guidelines.


From the Department of Justice:

George Thomson, Deputy Minister;

Thea Herman, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister;

Murielle Brazeau, General Counsel and Team Leader, Child Support Initiative.


The Honourable Lowell Murray, P.C., Chairman

The Honourable Peter Bosa, Deputy Chairman


The Honourable Senators:

Bonnell, Cohen, Cools, * Graham, P.C. (or Carstairs), Haidasz, P.C., Lavoie-Roux, LeBreton, * Lynch-Staunton (or Kinsella (acting)), Maheu, Pépin, Phillips

* Ex Officio Members

(Quorum 4)

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