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Student Employment Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Must I be bilingual (English and French)?
    Though the majority of employment opportunities require that the student be bilingual, there are opportunities on occasion where bilingualism is not a requirement.
  2. Is there a job description for summer employment opportunities?
    No. The hiring manager determines the work to be assigned to the student.
  3. What is the employment period for summer employment opportunities?
    Early May to the end of August.
  4. Is it possible for a student to work for a shorter or longer period within the context of the summer employment program?
    A student can work for a shorter period, as negotiated with the hiring manager but cannot work for a longer period.
  5. What are the minimum requirements a student should have in order to apply?
    Please refer to the tab Eligibility.
  6. What can a student expect in terms of wages?
    The Senate applies the Student Rate of Pay approved by the Treasury Board Secretariat. The rates are calculated based on specific criteria (e.g. years of study, relevant work experience, etc.).
  7. What are the hours of work?
    The normal business hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. However, hours of work can sometimes be negotiated with the hiring manager. Some students may need to work shift work (e.g. 12 hours per day, 3 days per week). These employment opportunities exist within the Protective Services Directorate as their services are offered on a continuous basis (24/7).
  8. If I were offered an employment opportunity, where would I work?
    The Senate of Canada’s offices are located on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa and in office buildings in close proximity to Parliament Hill.
  9. If I apply to work at the Senate of Canada can my application also be considered for employment at the House of Commons or at the Library of Parliament?
    No. The Senate of Canada, the House of Commons, and the Library of Parliament are three separate and distinct employers.
  10. How many students are typically hired each summer?
    The number varies from year to year. An average number of student hires is 30. This number includes returning students; therefore, the number of “new” student hires would be somewhat less.
  11. What do I have to submit? A résumé or a cover letter as well?
    You should definitely submit your résumé; a cover letter would provide us more information about you and the type of position that interests you.
  12. When does the Senate do the majority of its hirings?
    The majority of the students are hired in April to begin in May.
  13. Seeing as how it is a job with the government, are employees expected to pay for their own transportation and lodging while in Ottawa?
    The Senate is in fact a separate employer. Students are not considered to be “employees”. Students are expected to pay for their own transportation and accommodations.
  14. Is a security clearance needed to work at the Senate?
    Anyone who requires access to the Senate precincts must obtain one. The process entails filling out a form providing personal information (e.g. employment and residential history, education). This information is used to conduct a criminal record name check and security assessment.
  15. Senate Organization Chart

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