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ENEV - Standing Committee

Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources


A committee’s issues are the printed edited transcripts, available in both English and French, of the testimony received by the committee. While separate issues are often prepared for each meeting of a committee, at times a number of meetings may be contained in one issue. Also, a single issue will sometimes deal with more than one order of reference.

Bill C-27, An Act respecting the long-term management of nuclear fuel waste

Issues as may arise from time to time relating to energy, the environment and natural resources, including the continuation and completion of the study on Nuclear Reactor Safety

Bill C-10, An Act respecting the national marine conservation areas of Canada

Bill C-39, An Act to replace the Yukon Act in order to modernize it and to implement certain provisions of the Yukon Northern Affairs Program Devolution Transfer Agreement, and to repeal and make amendments to other Acts 

Bill C-33, An Act respecting the water resources of Nunavut and the Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal and to make consequential amendments to other Acts

Bill S-18, An Act to Amend the Food and Drugs Act (clean drinking water)

Bill C-3, An Act to amend the Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act and the Petro-Canada Public Participation Act

Bill C-4, An Act to establish a foundation to fund sustainable development technology

Bill S-15: An Act to enable and assist the Canadian tobacco industry in attaining its objective of preventing the use of tobacco products by young persons in Canada

Organization meeting

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