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ENEV - Standing Committee

Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources

Meeting Detail

Thursday, April 11, 2019
1:01 PM
local time
Location: Delta Bessborough Adam Ballroom-Convention Floor, 601 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon SK
Clerk: Maxime Fortin (613) 990-6080
Bill C-69, Impact Assessment Act and Canadian Energy Regulator Act / Various Other Acts
  • Gordon Barnhart, President(Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association)
  • Sonia L. Eggerman, Constitutional and Aboriginal Law Lawyer, MLT Atkins LLP(As an Individual)
  • Joshua Kurkjian, Director of Research and Policy Development(Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce)
  • Steve McLellan, Chief Executive Officer(Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce)
  • Maureen Reed, Professor, University of Saskatchewan(As an Individual)
  • Sean Willy, President and Chief Executive Officer(Des Nedhe Developments)
Meeting with interpretation and transcription
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