Parents' Guide

The Committee's report Cyberbullying Hurts: Respect for Rights in the Digital Age looks at cyberbullying and its harmful effects on young people, and presents recommendations that demand a whole-of-community approach—one that engages young people, parents, schools, and governments. 

This companion Guide for parents, guardians and caregivers summarizes some of the key findings of the report. It suggests how you can help your child understand and deal with cyberbullying, and how you can work with the school and the community to encourage positive relationships and promote inclusive cultures.


This list is a sampling of available resources and programs that were presented by witnesses during the Committee’s study. To find out more about these, please see Appendix E of the report.

About Senate Committees

Committees are at the core of the Senate’s work. They are recognized for their major contributions to legislation and public policy.

Senate committees also conduct in-depth studies on topics related to their mandates. By investigating such issues, committees help turn the spotlight on important social, economic, and political concerns. These studies provide senators with a unique opportunity to hear from Government officials, interest-group representatives, academic experts, and you.

Important public concerns such as poverty, post-secondary education, assisted suicide, illegal drugs, mental health, Arctic sovereignty, Aboriginal affairs, international trade, and human rights have been the subject of special policy studies. The resulting investigative reports include analyses and recommendations that have often influenced proposed legislation and Government policy.

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