Below is a list of standing votes that have taken place in the Senate during the session. Such votes occur when a decision is not unanimous and at least two senators rise to request that senators’ names be recorded. For information on the voting process in the Senate, please refer to Chapter 6 of Senate Procedure in Practice.

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Date Title Related Bill Result
2020-02-25 CONF no. 1 – Developments and actions in relation to the committee’s fifth report regarding Senator Beyak – Adjournment of Debate
Yeas: 28 | Nays: 52 | Abstentions: 0 | Total: 80
2020-02-25 Adjournment of the Senate
Yeas: 25 | Nays: 51 | Abstentions: 0 | Total: 76
2020-02-26 Non-Government Motion no. 29 – Motion to refer the first report of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Conflict of Interest for Senators back to the committee for further consideration
Yeas: 24 | Nays: 49 | Abstentions: 3 | Total: 76