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Royal Canadian Mounted Police

April 10, 2024

Hon. Yonah Martin (Deputy Leader of the Opposition) [ + ]

My question for the Leader of the Government in the Senate concerns the so-called safe supply of dangerous drugs. Over the course of several months, the RCMP in British Columbia has seized thousands of drugs believed to have been diverted from this so‑called safe supply. A leaked memo shows the B.C. RCMP has recently been directed to send all media requests regarding hot‑button issues to its central headquarters. This list of issues includes drug busts and drug decriminalization. It is believed this memo was sent to every RCMP detachment in the province.

Leader, which member of the Trudeau government issued this gag order?

Hon. Marc Gold (Government Representative in the Senate) [ + ]

I’m not aware that any gag order was issued. The issue of the diversion of illegal drugs from programs designed to either wean people from dependency, or at least ensure that those unfortunate enough to be dependent on them have access to safer supplies, is a serious one and properly the subject of investigation by the RCMP and others.

Indeed, given the importance of this issue and the media attention that attaches to it, I’m not surprised that the RCMP has made a decision that it wanted to be aware of such interest so that it could be properly responded to.

Senator Martin [ + ]

It’s from a memo, a directive to the RCMP, and is therefore a gag order. The RCMP in my province have been ordered not to speak publicly about important public safety matters, and this is wrong. British Columbians fund these highly addictive drugs through their tax dollars. They should be able to hear from police when these drugs have been taken and resold by criminals, even if the Trudeau government finds it embarrassing.

Leader, who determined the list of topics the RCMP in British Columbia can’t speak about publicly?

Names, leader.

Senator Gold [ + ]

The RCMP operates independently from the Government of Canada, and these are questions that should be directed to those responsible.

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