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On the 49th anniversary of her Olympic gold medal victory in France,  alpine skiing sensation Senator Nancy Greene Raine was once again lacing up her boots and clipping into her skis — but this time on Parliament Hill for the second Ski Day on the Hill.

Parliament’s west lawn served as the backdrop to promote Senator Raine’s National Health and Fitness Day initiative — a yearly celebration of physical activity held on the first Saturday of every June. The senator draws on her background as a former elite athlete to advocate for fitness and healthy living for all Canadians.

“Young people spend too much time in front of screens instead of playing outside,” said Senator Raine.

“So Ski Day on the Hill is more than fun, it’s important because we invite parliamentarians and young skiers to show off just how easy it is to ski. It’s fantastic. We need to enjoy and embrace winter more too.”

And to parallel Canada’s 150th birthday, Senator Raine was joined by Governor General David Johnston, Senator Dennis Patterson, Norwegian Ambassador Anne Ovind, and several other members of Parliament, to ski the 150th and final lap of the day.

“What a pleasure to participate in a glorious Ski Day on the Hill in bright sunshine and fresh snow!” said Senator Patterson.

“As an avid cross country skier in university — I was a member of the Dalhousie University Cross Country Ski Team — and in the Arctic, I have always cherished cross country skiing.”

If parliamentarians can do it, so can you. So strap on your skis and get outside while the snow is still there!

After crossing the finish line (left to right): Senator Nancy Greene Raine, Governor General David Johnston and Senator Dennis Patterson.
Senator Patterson enjoys a lap around the west lawn.


Governor General David Johnston joined a group of dignitaries and children for Ski Day on the Hill. Also taking part were Senators Raine and Patterson, Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Norwegian Ambassador Anne Ovind. The group is shown here arriving at the finish line on Parliament Hill’s west lawn.
Senator Raine enjoys a moment with local cross country ski patrollers.
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