Pop Quiz Challenge

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Image of text Step 1 Watch the video!

Hey teachers! Would your students ace the Senate Pop Quiz?
We quizzed passersby on Parliament Hill and at the University of Ottawa about their Senate knowledge.

We asked them five questions:

  1. What is this place? (while showing a photo of the Senate Chamber)
  2. How many senators are in the Senate of Canada?
  3. What is a bill?
  4. In what decade was the first woman appointed to the Senate?
  5. What does “Chamber of Sober Second Thought” mean?

Now it’s your students’ turn!

See the full answers below

Image of text Step 2 Test your students!

Test your students’ knowledge by playing the Senate 101 Kahoot:

Play the high school level
Play the elementary school level


Image of text Step 3 Invite a senator to your classroom

Don’t worry if your class’s results were not perfect. There’s a lot to know about the Senate! And SENgage has you covered. We arrange for senators to explain the role of the Senate firsthand in classrooms - in person and virtually - from coast to coast to coast!


Pop Quiz Answers


For more information, contact Senate Communications:

Email: SENgage@sen.parl.gc.ca
Phone: 613-992-1149
Toll-free: 1-800-267-7362