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Meeting Detail

Televised live on PTN
Tuesday, February 2, 2021
9:09 AM ET
Location: Room C128, Senate of Canada Building, with videoconference
Clerk: Mark Palmer (613) 716-4845
Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying)
  • Eric Adams, Vice Dean and Professor of Law, University of Alberta Faculty of Law (As an Individual)
  • Dr. Jonas-Sébastien Beaudry, Associate Professor, McGill University (As an Individual)
  • Julie Campbell, Nurse Practitioner (As an Individual)
  • Dr. Raphael Cohen-Almagor, Professor of Politics, University of Hull (As an Individual)
  • Richard Fowler, Board Member, Representative for Vancouver, British Columbia (Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers)
  • Dr. Thomas Fung, Physician Lead (Siksika Health Services)
  • Dr. Gus Grant, Registrar and CEO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia)
  • Abby Hoffman, Senior Executive Advisor to the Deputy Minister (Health Canada)
  • Timothy Holland, MAID Physician Provider and Assessor (As an Individual)
  • Lucie Joncas, Board Member, Representative for Montreal, Quebec (Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers)
  • Dr. Jaro Kotalik, Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine (As an Individual)
  • Karen Kusch, Senior Policy Advisor, Strategic Policy Branch (Health Canada)
  • Dr. Rod McCormick, Professor and Research Chair, All My Relations Research Centre, Thompson Rivers University (As an Individual)
  • Jean-Pierre Ménard, Lawyer (Barreau du Québec)
  • Marie-Nancy Paquet, Lawyer (Barreau du Québec)
  • François Paulette, Denesuline Elder (As an Individual)
  • Laurel Plewes, Director, VCHA Assisted Dying Program, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA) (As an Individual)
  • David E. Roberge, Member, End of Life Working Group, Partner, McCarthy Tetrault (Canadian Bar Association)
  • Scott Robertson, Senior Associate, Nahwegahbow Corbiere (Indigenous Bar Association)
  • Delphine Roigt, Lawyer and Ethics Advisor (As an Individual)
  • Jocelyne Saint-Arnaud, Associate Professor, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, School of Public Health, Université de Montréal (As an Individual)
  • Dr. Derryck Smith, Clinical Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry, , University of British Columbia (As an Individual)
  • Dr. Janet Smylie (As an Individual)
  • Suzanne L. Stewart, Director, Waakebiness-Bryce Institute for Indigenous Health and Associate Professor Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto (As an Individual)
  • Daniel Weinstock (As an Individual)
  • Tyler White, Chief Executive Officer (Siksika Health Services)
  • Ivan Zinger, Correctional Investigator of Canada (Office of the Correctional Investigator)
  • Dr. Joel B. Zivot, Associate Professor, Emory University School of Medicine (As an Individual)
Meeting with Transcription and Interpretation
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