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Report of former Justice Binnie - Senators’ Expenses

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Former Justice Ian Binnie, March 21, 2016

Ottawa, March 21, 2016 ‒ "I impute no bad motives to any of the senators," former Supreme Court Justice Ian Binnie declared in his report on senators’ expenses, released today in its entirety.

The Senate requested former Justice Binnie act as a special arbitrator for senators who disputed the findings of the Auditor General of Canada’s 2015 report on Senate expenses. The committee has always agreed to accept as final the findings of this independent, arms-length arbitration.

"On behalf of our committee, I want to thank former Justice Binnie for his service and for this fair and balanced report," said Senator Leo Housakos, Chair of the Committee. "I also want to say that we are pleased with former Justice Binnie's acknowledgement of the Senate's ongoing efforts to bring clarity to the rules and their application, even if, at times, this proves difficult. This report will assist us in these efforts.”

"The dispute resolution process and our prompt public disclosure of former Justice Binnie’s report is in keeping with the Senate’s continuing modernization efforts with a focus on transparency and accountability, and respect for taxpayers’ money as our guiding principle,” said Senator Jane Cordy, Deputy Chair of the Committee.

As part of its ongoing modernization, the Senate has made several significant changes including tightening expense provisions for travel, hospitality and procurement; requiring proof of residency; implementing a new Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code that ranks among the toughest in the Commonwealth; and the establishment of an independent Office of the Senate Ethics Officer. The Senate is also committed to introducing changes such as a more detailed model of proactive disclosure and more independent oversight measures.

"Former Justice Binnie’s report shows our continued commitment to openness and accountability," Senator Housakos said.

For more information, please contact:

Jacqui Delaney
Communications Advisor and
Director of Parliamentary Affairs
Office of the Hon. Senator Leo Housakos

Matthew Ryan
Regional Assistant
Office of the Hon. Senator Jane Cordy



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