Report of the committee

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Standing Committee on Rules, Procedures and the Rights of Parliament has the honour to present its


Pursuant to rule 12-7(2)(a), your committee recommends that the Rules of the Senate be amended by:

1. replacing rule 12-8(2) by the following:

Service fee proposals

12-8. (2) When the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Government tables a service fee proposal, it is deemed referred to the standing or special committee designated by the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Government following consultations with the Leader or Deputy Leader of the Opposition, and the leader or facilitator of any other recognized party or recognized parliamentary group.


Service Fees Act, subsection 15(1)”;

2. replacing rule 12-22(5) by the following:

Approval of service fees

12-22. (5) If a service fee proposal has been referred to a properly appointed and constituted committee, and that committee does not report within 20 sitting days following the day it received the order of reference, it shall be deemed to have recommended approval of the service fee.


Service Fees Act, subsection 15(3)”;

3. adding the following new definition to Appendix I in alphabetical order:

Service fee proposal

A proposal in relation to a service fee developed under the Service Fees Act.  Similar proposals were previously referred to as “user fee proposals.” (Proposition de frais de service)”;

4. by deleting the definition of “User fee proposal” in Appendix I; and

5. updating all cross references in the Rules, including the lists of exceptions, accordingly.

Respectfully submitted,


Deputy Chair