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International Francophonie Day 2016: Senator Tardif
March 20, 2016
image Claudette Tardif
Claudette Tardif
Lib. - (Alberta)

On March 20 — International Francophonie Day — more than 270 million French speakers spread out across five continents will celebrate francophone language and culture. This year’s theme is The Power of Words. Words like liberty, equality, solidarity, fraternity, diversity and universality connect us and unite us.

In my home province, 240,000 Albertans are part of the 10 million Canadians who proudly preserve the French language in their daily life. The Franco-Albertan community flourishes because of its rich history and its willingness to maintain French-language culture for the generations yet to come.

Our Canadian Francophonie is inherently valuable — it is an asset that sets Canada apart on the world stage.

I wish to honour those who make the French language reverberate around the world. Today, let us acknowledge our strong francophone roots by celebrating the richness and diversity of la Francophonie.