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The power of sport: Senator Raine
April 6, 2016
image Nancy Greene Raine
Nancy Greene Raine
C - (British Columbia - Thompson-Okanagan-Kootenay)

Sport has the power to touch people at many levels — from the playground to the podium.

I love seeing children playing; having fun skipping rope, playing tag or kicking a ball in unstructured play is so important to their development. Later, children can choose to join clubs and play in organized sports, where they learn the values of fair play and how to be part of a team that trains together and supports each other.

Other kids join their families in lifelong pastimes like hiking, skiing, swimming and cycling. These activities are great ways to stay healthy in mind and body, and to connect with other members of our communities.

Organized sport is where dreams are born; the thrill of watching dreams come true impacts people all over the world. We only have to think back to the 2010 Winter Olympics and remember the throngs of Canadians spontaneously singing O Canada in the streets of Vancouver.

I know kids everywhere take inspiration from their sports’ heroes, and all ages and cultures take pride in their country's sporting achievements.

True sports values are precious; they need to be celebrated and protected.

Note to readers: The Honourable Nancy Green Raine retired from the Senate of Canada in May, 2018. Learn more about her work in Parliament.