This article is part of a series about the Senate of Canada’s move to the Senate of Canada Building, formerly known as the Government Conference Centre. In 2018, the Senate began to move into the building, a former train station built in 1912, while Parliament’s Centre Block — the Senate’s permanent home — is rehabilitated. The Senate began operating from the Senate of Canada Building in February 2019. 

The Senate is expected to occupy its temporary location for at least 10 years.

The doors have opened on the Senate of Canada Building.

Canada’s Upper Chamber of Parliament began sitting in February 2019 in the historic complex that served as Ottawa’s central train station before hosting First Ministers’ conferences and international summits for 45 years as the Government Conference Centre.

If you’ve been following this series, you know this building has a fascinating history of hosting famous visitors and historic meetings that have helped shape our country. You’ll also know that upgrades included bringing the building up to contemporary safety and accessibility standards and outfitting it with environmentally sustainable design features.

You think you know a lot about this building? Take our Senate of Canada Building quiz to test your knowledge about this historic Ottawa landmark.

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