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Internship with Senator Pate gives inside look on legal, human rights issues
Internship with Senator Pate gives inside look on legal, human rights issues
January 17, 2018

Last year, Senator Kim Pate took on a number of University of Ottawa law students as interns from September to December, 2017. As a former professor and legal expert in prison law and women’s rights, Senator Pate’s internship program offers students an inside look at how parliamentarians fight for greater accountability and work on legislation to defend the rights of Canadians.

Senator Kim Pate is joined by her University of Ottawa interns in the Red Chamber.

University of Ottawa students interning with Senator Pate come to work on Parliament Hill. The internship program provides an inside look at the legislative process and the work of parliamentarians.

"It has been a privilege, throughout my career, to be able to work with students and to see the energy and dedication with which they apply and develop their knowledge, skills and capacities. This group of University of Ottawa law students has shown an amazing enthusiasm for the legislative process, through the research they have completed in support of committee studies and bills, and particularly for the Senate’s role in ensuring that Canada’s laws are just and fair for all."

Senator Kim Pate

Vanessa García

“As a law student, being able to work with Senator Pate, reviewing legislation and sitting in committee meetings has been invaluable. It’s helped me become more aware of human rights issues within prisons, which is tremendously relevant to the area of law that I want to practise, that being criminal law. I’d say the internship has given me a different perspective on not just what happens before a trial, but also after, when a person is sentenced and the challenges he or she faces in the prison system. I now feel better equipped to deal with that both in school and after.”

Fraser Massie

“I come from a political science background, so I’ve found this internship to be a remarkable experience for anyone who’s interested in public law. You get to have firsthand working experience in Canadian political institutions. I’d recommend it to any law student.”

Molly Lowson

“I have interests in criminal law, constitutional law and politics more generally, so this internship has been an incredible opportunity to learn from Senator Pate and to witness Canada’s Upper Chamber at work. I think I’ve learned a lot about prisoner rights and that’s made me more of an advocate in that area. It’s also been great to work with fellow law students and learn from them. I’m definitely interested in continuing to work in politics.”